Six must see Casinos in Canada

Canadian casinos are less popular than those in Vegas, the US. However, they are some of the most distinguished worldwide, with award-winning amenities such as spas, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. The industry has come a long way from almost non-existent to a juggernaut in the past 50 years. There are online casinos with sports betting and online casino games to complement the physical casinos.

Canada has always had some form of gambling from time immemorial despite numerous attempts by the British and successive Canadian governments to ban it. There is variety and choice for punters from all walks of life. This has given room to many tourists who come to experience what the Canadian casinos have to offer. Gambling success in Canada is a testament to the people's strong will to enjoy the games.

Current legal status of online gambling in Canada

Currently, all gambling activities are regulated by the provincial governments. The provincial government set the rules on who can play the game and the casino that can operate. Currently, all the provinces have a Gaming commission that takes the views of the public and laws on the book on gambling.

The four Atlantic provincial governments in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador have established the Atlantic Lottery Corporation to provide online lottery games to the residents of the four provinces.

Since the national government put all the regulation of gambling to the provinces in 2021, provinces like Ontario have worked hard to protect residents from gaming operators. Ontario archives the protection through iGaming Ontario (iGO), which works hand in hand with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to establish rules and standards for both online and offline gaming operators in the province.

Six Casinos in Canada

Land casinos have been popular in Canada since 1970, with the first casino that was opened in Winnipeg in 1989. The subsequent one was opened in 1993 in Montréal, and the casino industry has never looked back. There are casinos in all the provinces, with Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) being the most popular devices you can gamble on across the country. There are also provincial lotteries all over, but the physical casinos are in a class that attracts many tourists globally. The following top six list has been carefully pu together with the help of the gambling experts form You can experience the best Canadian casinos have to offer by visiting the following 6 casinos:

1. Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino

Caesar is one of the most popular casinos globally and has won the "The Casino of the Year '' award for 18 years straight, becoming the best casino in Canada undisputedly. Since it is located in Windsor, it is at a location that makes it easy for a majority of the Canadian and American population to visit.

The casino is large and spans 700 luxury rooms and multiple casino floors where you can play different games. There are thousands of slot gaming machines and 16 poker tables. You can enjoy the 4k TV sets and make bets for as low as 3$. There are also special packages for loyal players that let you experience all the world-class services at a fraction of the cost.

2. Casino De Montreal

Casino Montreal makes the cut on our top casino in Canada based on its size and average daily patrons. The casino is one of the busiest in Canada, with over 18,000 punters playing their favorite games in the facility during an off-peak season. It manages such a feat due to the large floor space of 520,000 square feet.

The facility has 3,000 slot machines and over a hundred tables where you can play different table games ranging from blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, Texas Hold'em, and many others. There are also rewards and promotions for some of the casinos' most regular visitors.

3. Casino Niagara

Similar to its namesake, the Niagra falls Casino Niagra has been a great attraction to physical casino players in Ontario. It has been operational for almost three decades with s state-of-the-art amenities that make gambling easy and enjoyable. Casino Niagra is massive, with a floor space of 95,000 square feet and multiple games you can play.

The casino has over 1,300 slots with some of the county's highest jackpots that attract players worldwide. There are also several table games with experienced croupiers that will dazzle you. You can enjoy various games, such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette, Spanish 21, and Mississippi Stud. There is also a special-purpose sports section with unrestricted access that let gamers bet on their favorite games. Regular visitors are always on the lookout for the Ladies Night promotion each Friday that gives a select lady a chance to win jewelry, spa tickets, designer fragrances, and rewards of up to $500 in credits.

4. Fallsview Casino Resort

It is not usual that government performs a task well, but the Fallsview casino built by the Ontario provincial government is an exception. The casino was built in 2004 with a floor space of 200,000 square feet. The casino is located at a scenic location on a cliff overlooking the Horseshoe falls.

It has ample accommodation with 374 rooms of hotel space forming part of the casino. There are over hundred gaming tables with professional dealers and over 3,000 slot machines. While at the casino, you may also enjoy its fitness center, spa, and theater.

5. Casino Rama Resort

Casino Rama has operated for close to 30 years on the Chippewas of Rama reserve territory. It hosts over 110 card games daily, with over 2,500 video slot machines. The slot is one of the most active online, with a heavy social media presence boasting 10,000 Instagram followers and more than 8,500 Twitter followers.

You can play your favorite table games such as blackjack, Sic Bo, and baccarat. Once you are done for the day, feel free to use its full-service hotel. There are a host of promotions and cash-back promotions, and VIP treatments to encourage regular players.

6. River Cree Resort and Casino

Our final casino on the countdown is located in Alberta and is one of the first aboriginal casinos in the province. It has a sizable population of visitors and a wide range of games you can try. River Cree Resort and Casino has 1,350 slot machines and 40 tables.

The casino consistently has many reviews and ratings, placing it very high on your visiting list. There is also a smoke-friendly section you can enjoy playing poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, ensuring you can enjoy both of your hobbies at ago.


Canada is by no means small in the casino world. The world-class casinos and the large wins you can stand as a testament. The casino is located in scenic areas with great amenities that will ensure you can enjoy any game you love without interruptions.